Writing Recap and Resolutions


During the first week of a new year, I tend to get a little retrospective before moving forward. So much happens, a lot changes, and there’s so much left undone–unless you’ve been avoiding life for the last 12 months in a  basement or bomb shelter, or you are a cat.

Personally I’ve changed a lot in 2014. The reflection I see in the mirror everyday is starting to deviate from my drivers license photo, which was only taken a little over a year ago. Hair makes a difference, I will say that. I started growing out my hair in 2014 and it went from a bob to past my shoulders in a year.

But physical changes don’t matter as much as personal growth or life changes. This year I ended a relationship and moved into a new house. Shortly after my mom was diagnosed with cancer. I just felt powerless, like someone who has been buried to their neck so people can throw stones at them. I’d say 2014 was the year that taught me life is not fair and bad things can happen to you. But in all fairness, it’s also the year that truly taught me how to be strong.

It’s also the year I found a balance between life and writing. I mean the scales are still tilted in favor of life, but I’ve come to terms with that.

I really feel like I rang in the New Year right because I spent it with people I love doing what I love: writing. I re-re-re-wrote the beginning of my current fantasy novel. I’ve been working on it for roughly a year or two now, and though it is a long way from being done, it has come a long way.

I Changed the Beginning

This time last year, the beginning of my book was a giant info dump. Although it established the conflict, it had way too much information for a reader to digest in one chapter, which was told by a secondary character no less.

My novel now begins with the main character and introduces him, his goals, his fatal flaw, and the conflict. I’m still not completely satisfied with the beginning. I don’t know exactly how it should start. I’m sure I’ll rewrite it a few more times, but it’s come a long way, and that’s what I remind myself when I feel down about it.

I Removed a Main Character

For those of you who read my Tuesday Tips, I take my own advice. Remember how many times I’ve encouraged you to remove or change characters who don’t function with your plot? I ran into a character like that. Her name was Elewyn. When I planned my story, I thought she’d be helpful to the plot, but in the long run, she was just extra noise. The only downfall is now I have a lot of rewriting to do.

I Finished the First Draft for Book 2

I only wish I could say the same for book one. I really wanted to release the first book in 2015, but I may have to wait until 2016. My goal was to have the first draft of book one, book two, and the prequel finished before publishing book one (that way if I make any major plot changes in any of the books I still can go back and make changes in the previous ones). With book two already drafted, half of the prequel drafted, and book one off to a good start, I may still be able to get something out this fall.

I Came Out of the Closet

This year I not only started calling myself a writer, I also discussed my current project with someone other than my sister. Telling my coworker that I wrote fantasy was like pulling teeth, but telling all of my followers on WordPress and Twitter about my novel was a walk in the park. In prior post, I barely teased my WIP until my sister invited me to participate in her blog tour. Not only did I have to discuss my novel’s plot, but I had to describe characters and scenes. Before I was always too uncomfortable to talk about my WIP in great detail. Now I know it’s not that scary.

Writing Resolutions for 2015

Now that I’ve recapped my WIP’s progress in 2014, what is in store for 2015. Again, I’m pretty sure publishing is out of the question, but this is the year I’d like to share my writing with readers and get feedback. I’d also like to have it fully edited and formatted so it’s ready to go at the end of this year or beginning of next.

I’m really looking forward to sharing more about my novels in the new year. Thank you all for reading and sharing in 2014.

9 thoughts on “Writing Recap and Resolutions

  1. It sounds like 2014 was a rough year for you. You’re right, life isn’t always fair, and the bad things can be devastating. I lost my husband eight years ago, and I will bear the emotional scars for the rest of my life. I got through it, though, because I had to. Life goes on. People need you. My kids needed me and that kept me going. I hope 2015 is a much better year for you. Best of luck with your WIPs. I read about them through the blog tour link. Please do share about them. They sound intriguing. I’m looking forward to reading them. 🙂

  2. I have yet to meet a person for whom 2014 was a happy, chirpy year. It’s just one those times, I guess… Let’s hope that 2015 brings us nothing but joy – and console ourselves that, yes, 2014 was bloody exhausting, but we did learn a lot, and we did become stronger. 🙂

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