2015 Reading Resolutions


In 2014, I think I only managed to finish 4-6 books. Partially I just didn’t have a lot of time to read what with writing and editing my sister’s novel and all, but on the other hand, I simply could not get through some of the books I tried to read. What it comes down to is this: I don’t have time to read bad books, but in 2015 I am going to make time to read good ones. This is my to-read list. Additional recommendations are welcome, especially in the fantasy genre.

51kmDQgbu9LThis book was referred to me by my sister. Being a parody reader and writer, she loves the works of Terry Prachett–most of them anyway. I started reading this book in 2014, but I got stuck in the middle. It wasn’t that it was bad, it was just slow-going. I plan on returning to Discworld this year so I can find out how the story ends. The characters are really enjoyable and most of the humor is very witty. So far, I recommend this book.

91pY4eHaULL._SL1500_As a fantasy writer, I like to keep up with who and what’s popular in the fantasy realm. I’ve heard a lot of buzz about the author Brent Weeks–this book in particular. I haven’t started reading it yet, but the synopsis sounds hopeful. I’m looking forward to reading something from an author I’m not familiar with. Keeping my fingers crossed it’s good.

81yqwJc-HwL._SL1500_Would any fantasy lover’s reading list be complete without something written by George R.R. Martin. I’m ashamed to admit I watched the show before reading the book. I just don’t typically get invested in series with more than five books. It’s too expensive and time consuming for me to keep up with. I do, however, want to sample George’s writing style, so I’m going to read the first book and go from there. I like the show so I assume I’ll like the book.


This author was referred to me by my sister. I was told Karen Miller is like the woman George R.R. Martin. I’m really looking forward to reading this one, even though I have no intentions of reading the other books in the Godspeaker trilogy. For one thing, I already know what happens, because my sister told me everything. You never ask her to tell you about a book or movie unless you want to know how it ends. See her review here.


If you were worried, I happen to have some independent authors on my list as well. Though I’m not a fan of Gods, I do love elves, so I figured this book would be a safe bet. I’ve never read anything from this author before, but it had decent reviews so I’m happy to check it out.


The cover drew my interest, and the reviews won me over. Even though one of the reviews contained massive spoilers (seriously, people, don’t give away the end), I’m still going to read this. I’m hoping the story is as good as the cover. I haven’t read a sample yet, so I’m really trusting the opinions of others here.

91R5IqXMMvL._SL1500_This is probably the only nonfiction book I have on my list. I saw this on twitter and couldn’t resist. I love the story of Gilgamesh. It was the first piece of ancient literature I studied in college. I loved the character’s plight: Why must we die? Humanity’s struggle with the inevitability of death and what it means to be mortal is a fascinating topic, one that I hope this author will do justice.


This is another book I studied in college (same professor). This is probably one of my favorite stories of all time. I’m particularly fond of the theme of mortality: Is it better to die a legend and be remembered forever or to be remembered and loved by a few and then forgotten forever. The only reason I don’t have this book on my shelf right now is because I can’t choose which translation I want.


For those of you who think I want to read this after watching the movie starring Fancy Wolverine, let me just stop you right there. I’ve wanted to read this since I was four. Yes, that’s true. I remember a trip to the library as a child. I saw this book on a shelf and asked my mom how old I had to be to read it–considering it didn’t have pictures. She said grown ups read books like that. I think 28 is grown up enough. Challenge accepted.


I’m not usually a fan of Mages or magic in fantasy (which makes my reading pool pretty shallow), but this book was written by an awesome author, so I’m sure it too will be awesome. I’ve read a sample, and so far, I have to say the quality is very good. I usually don’t recommend a book after only reading a chapter, but I’ve already recommended this one to several people.


I just added this title to my reading list today. I saw it on a post by Therin Knite, and I thought it looked good. The reviews are promising and I like the sample so far. The writing is good so far. No final judgement yet.

Well, there you have it. I think eleven books isn’t too ambitious. It’s going to take me enough time to read “Les Mis” so we’ll see how many I actually finish. Some of these books are repeats from 2014, and I’ve even started reading some of them; this year I vow to finish them.

What are your reading resolutions? Do you have a quota or a list of titles?

4 thoughts on “2015 Reading Resolutions

  1. I recently finished The Transmigration of Cora Riley and really enjoyed it. It’s a contemporary fantasy with some mythology nicely woven in there. I also very much enjoy A.J. Maguire’s work, she writes well thought out characters and worlds with action packed plots. If you want something light and amusing then The Stone of Names by Don Bisdorf is very high on my list.

  2. Jon

    You should definitely persevere with G!G!, it’s from Pratchett’s golden period. I would have started with Wyrd Sisters, though.

    GoT is pretty good, it grabbed me all the way through, but by three books in the plot slowed to glacial speed, and I got very frustrated with it.

    The fantasy book I liked best last year was Tigana, by Guy Gavriel Kay, which had a terrific plot and some nice world-building, and managed to avoid most of the usual tropes.

    This year I don’t aim to repeat 2014’s effort and read 40 books: I shall be doing more writing than reading. I’ve no roster to read, it’ll just be what turns up! But I do have something to read right now, and I ought to get back to it …

    • I agree, writing should be priority. I notice my writing improves after I read, so I’m going to read for a half hour to an hour before writing. I figure at this rate I’ll finish my WIP and my to-read list.

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