A Much Needed Holiday


In the words of Bilbo Baggins from The Hobbit, “I need a holiday . . . and somewhere quiet where I can finish my book.”

During the Labor Dbilbo-baggins-writingay weekend I got just that. Sunday, I joined my sister and her friend for a write-in. For those who are not familiar with a write-in, this is an event where writers get together to work on their novels.

Meeting with other writers can be very inspiring and beneficial. Take me for example: I got more writing done in one day than I did the entire week leading up to the holiday weekend. I don’t know if it was the coffee or the therapeutic clacking of computer keys, but I couldn’t stop writing (usually starting is my problem). Not that we didn’t take breaks from time to time. There were a few food runs (junk food mainly) and some much needed socializing, but it’s a good idea to keep the chit chat to a minimum so you can get some writing done.

Restaurants, libraries, and coffee houses make excellent venues for write-ins, but we met at my sister’s house, which was the perfect setting because it was quiet and spacious with plenty of room on the chairs, her couch, or even the floor to set up shop or sprawl like piles of dirty laundry.

Write-ins take place every year for NaNoWrimo. This November, I hope to participate in one if they have one close enough to home; if not, I’m sure my sister is more than willing to host another at her house.

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