The One That Got Away


We all have one: the one that got away. No, I’m not talking about a lover. An idea, a thought.

Sometimes they get lost in a jumble of other thoughts. More than often we lose them walking through doorways. For women, forgetfulness can also be tied to our estrogen levels, especially during menopause. Sarcastic yippie.

I had a thought and now I’ve lost it. It was … it was right there, on the tip of my tongue!

I had this happen last night or this morning. It was either very early or very late. Whatever you consider the dark hours between late night and dawn. I had a great idea for a blog post. I thought I’d remember it because your mind is foolish when it’s only half awake. So naturally in the morning when I tried to recall it, I could not.

I have within reach notebooks, notepads, and sticky notes along with a flashlight/pen combo for late night/early morning ideas. Don’t make fun of me, but it’s an Elsa pen/flashlight. I also have Anna for when Elsa’s batteries die. For whatever reason, I did not employ my handy tools. Too lazy or cold to get up, I guess.

I can't remember whatever it is that wants me to remember it.

I can’t remember whatever it is that wants me to remember it.

Well, hopefully I’ll remember soon. I’m sure it will come to me at three in the morning when all brilliant ideas reanimate, in which case I will be sure to grab my pen and paper. I hope you enjoyed this post. How often does this happen to you? What do you do to jog your memory?

10 thoughts on “The One That Got Away

  1. MRS N, the Author

    Classic Princess Bride graphic! I have this happen all the time. Awww I love that you have a Frozen flashlight/pen combo. I’m sorry you didn’t write it down. Probably the cold. 🙂 As for me, the only thing that works for me to jog my memory is to not think about it. Do some menial task like cleaning or doing the laundry. Then, it flickers across my synapses. 😉 Good luck and Happy Friday!

    • That is awesome. I just think life is too serious without having serious pens and paper. I have Frozen notebooks and pens, Hobbit pens, owl pens and notebooks, colorful sticky notes. It makes note taking more fun.

      • MRS N, the Author

        It sure does. Winnie the Pooh and gang have been with me all these years. Of course, I also have purple pens too for those writing brainstorming sessions. 😉 Life is too serious to not have fun with cool stationary.

  2. My brain just keeps repeating the idea so I don’t lose it, but then I can’t get back to sleep because the idea keeps elaborating and I half-write the post in my head! Drives me bonkers. 🙂

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