Thanks For Following


200 followers! I feel like Frodo!

I want to thank all of you who follow me, because today, I have gained  200 followers on both Twitter and WordPress. That’s right, they both got 200 followers on the same day. That’s saying no one unfollows me in the next minute–you know how Twitter can fluctuate like the stock market.

I can’t help noticing how similar this is to the photo above.

My goal was to have 200 followers by the beginning of January. Thanks to all of you, I’ve reached that milestone roughly three months early. So now, I’ll be shooting for 300 by the start of 2015. I love reaching goals and getting to set higher ones. Thank you all for pushing the bar higher. I appreciate all of your follows, likes, and comments.

Camp is in Session


Camp-NaNoWriMoCamp is in session! Which means I finally have a reason to justify buying a bag of those giant marshmallows. I won’t be roasting them, unless it’s safe to cook over a candle. Being the size of a mug, they aren’t suitable for hot chocolate either, so I think I’ll just stab them with a fork and eat them bite by bite or nuke them in the microwave on a graham cracker to make s’mores.

At the last minute I decided to sign up for Camp NaNoWriMo. I was thinking about skipping it this year but It’s a great way to gain inspiration and get to know other writers. Even though it’s not a real camp (no fighting over who gets the top bunk), you get all the benefits of an actual camp. With the forums and your cabin mates, you are never writing alone. You’ll never find greater creative camaraderie than at Camp NaNoWriMo. My main focus this month is editing so I kept my goal small, only 10,000 words. Considering I’m only about 5-10,000 words away from finishing my final draft, it isn’t too low.

With my writing goals being relaxed I’ll be able to spend more time on the forums, which in the past has always been a guilty time eater for me (time I should have spent writing). I can also spend more time connecting with my cabin mates and other writers. My sister isn’t in my cabin this year, which makes me feel like when we were kids in different classrooms.

I haven’t written a word yet (gasp) because I spent the first day of camp celebrating my mom’s birthday. Before, birthdays had to take a backseat to writing, but the pressure is off this year, so a zero-word night here or there won’t make or break me.

If you’re interested in connecting with my sister and I, my sister’s name is Kitomi and mine is Skylo_Snowfire. For those of you participating this year, feel free to give me your information as well. The more campers, the merrier!

Can't wait to get to know my cabin mates

Can’t wait to get to know my cabin mates

See you all around the campfire!

Writer’s Resolutions


imagesCAQE8Q9VEvery year I make personal resolutions as well as resolutions for writing. This year, I feel like my writing goals may be easier met than my personal goals, which is usually not the case. It may be because there are a lot of outside factors that I have no control over that affect my personal goals, but I am the only one in control over whether I write or not. Not only that, but I’m not setting myself up for failure; no lofty goals of getting published, becoming a National Bestseller, or getting rich and famous (not until next year anyway). Gotta save something for 2015.

For 2014, I resolve to…

  • set realistic writing goals
  • write at least 5 out of 7 days a week
  • finish the first draft of book one
  • finish editing my sister’s book
  • enter at least one writing contest
  • submit book one to sister/editor for review
  • finish the outline for book two
  • start second book
  • call myself a writer