Every Day is Cat Day


Even though today is World Wide Cat Day, an entire day designated to celebrating cats, every day is Cat Day to a cat. A day doesn’t go by in my home where the residents of the feline variety do not expect, no DEMAND, to be worshipped, catered to, and adored. I think they’re lucky to be fed considering one likes to eat plastic bags, another eats toilet paper, and the third has claws–enough said there.

Apparently, this has been an official holiday since 2002, but I’m just now hearing about it. To be honest, we’ve been honoring cats since ancient Egypt. Seriously, what’s new? They worshipped cats and carved their images in stone. We worship cats and post their images on social media sites. To honor the Gods, I’ve decided to post a poll as well as some photos of what it’s like to write with cats.