8 Hours to Write


untitledRecently I read a post from the blog Live to Write – Write to Live that asked this question: “If you were given eight hours to write, what would you do?”

Today I have the opportunity to find out because I have been given every school-aged child’s wet dream: a snowday!

I guess even adults get these from time to time, as long as your job is not essential and your city is in a state of emergency.

To all of you braving the storm, I will be sitting at my computer with a hot mug of coffee and a toasted bagel. This doesn’t differ from my work routine very much, except I will be wearing comfortable clothes and I will be writing instead of working.

So what will I do with the eight hours I was initially scheduled to work? Why write of course. Aside from writing this blog, I am working on book one of my series. My goal is to write three chapters. If my sister is utilizing her snow day, I will edit a chapter of her book. If I get really ambitious, I may take a break from writing fiction and write an article for textbroker.

Does anyone else have a grown up snow day today? How will you be using yours?