Celebrate the Small Stuff


Until further notice celebrate everythingWe’re often told, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” We also need to remember to celebrate the small stuff. Today I am celebrating  several small accomplishments. After all, little things make big things happen.

For starters, after a year, I finished the first draft of my fantasy novel. Those of you who write know what a wonderful feeling this is. It’s better than the best orgasm, payday, a chanel sweater, or getting money in a birthday card. This is an amazing feat for me, because I’ve only finished a draft once before (and I scrapped the entire thing). Of course, my first draft is much too cringe-worthy to publish. Let’s just say it’s about as rough and crude as a Neanderthal. So the next stage will be editing, but for now I’m going to work on the sequel, which I’ve been waiting to write for over a year.

My second little accomplishment: I may have two editing projects for the month of April. Every editing assignment I’ve had has been from word of mouth. This latest project is a referral from my coworker. I have another referral set up for the future. If I continue to get steady freelance work, I may be able to edit from home one day.

I’m also celebrating the fact that today I caught up on my target word goal for Camp NaNoWriMo. According to my stats, I will finish on April 30th.

I’m going to celebrate with a glass of wine and maybe some sushi. I hope you will all celebrate with me by posting in the comment section below some of your own small victories for the day, week, month, or year. Don’t wait until you reach your goal to celebrate; be proud of every step you take towards it.