It’s a Wrap!!!


As those of you who follow my blog know, I’ve recently started acting in independent film with my sister.

19894686_1863901200603763_1266165180442400899_nMy sister and I were in our first film together (Aunteler). I’m not sure when the release date is, but I encourage you to see it. A lot of good talent in this one. It was an honor to work with the director, crew, and other actors. Catch the teaser trailer“>here and like it on Facebook (@auntelerfilm). If you squint, you’ll see me, but don’t get too excited. I’m only background in this one. Still very proud to be a part of this project. I was hooked by the teaser poster, as I’m sure you will be. It looked cool and a little sci-fi. Check it out.

Next, to honor the Halloween season, we took part in a local production of The Dark Pages.  I was cast as Mary Shelley and my sister was Madame Alexandria (who knows all). I was excited to be Mary Shelley since she was a writer, a feminist, and the mother of Science Fiction. It was held at the Sieberling Mansion. With only one month or so of practice and back to back performances in one night, it required less commitment than a traditional play. It was a lot of fun and we made a lot of friendships that I’m sure will last.

The same weekend we performed Dark Pages we also filmed Haven. My sister and I love acting, and our favorite genres are sci-fi and fantasy, so we jumped on this one when we found out it is set post-Apocalypse. We were cast in the roles of Bandit Deputy and Bandit Enforcer. For this role, I had a few more lines, though mostly laughing, which will make since when you see it. We’re essentially the bad guys in this one, which is great because I’ve always wanted to play a mentally unhinged character.

21768376_116297492397618_3834430670861527599_nWe filmed out in the middle of nowhere (literally the town is so small it’s considered a village). It was fun filming in the cabin in the woods. This was a great cast to work with: a combination of seasoned actors and fresh faces. Our director was a lot of fun to work with as well. He got down in the dirt, played a dead body, and flung blood on the actors. He’s really not afraid to dive in. I don’t want to give anything away–I’m really not supposed to. It should be available on iTunes, DVD, and Netflix in 2018. Keep following me for updates. In the meantime, please enjoy these pictures from production. Just some behind-the-scenes footage so you can see how awesome everyone looked. First pic is an actor with Director. The others are of the bandits. Feel free to like and follow on facebook.

Not sure what the next project will be. Still waiting for scripts and film dates for a another role. In the meantime, working on some more cosplay projects and going to acting workshops.

stay tuned

Getting into Character


Between firing/hiring a new team member at my work, writing, cosplay, and my son’s surgeries, I haven’t had that much time to go to the gym. I’ve got to make time now so I can turn my body into a warrior bod for the film.

Watching Wonder Woman really inspired me to take my workout to a whole new level. I even do Gal Gadot’s workout on Wednesday (Wonder Woman Wednesday). Feel free to try it yourself. Get on a rowing machine followed by bear crawls, crab walks, burpees (lots of burpees), dead lifts, pull ups, and a bunch of other barbell stuff I don’t remember the proper names.

Getting into character with me is my sister. Since we are both in the same film, we are going for a similar look, which means identical diets, identical workouts. Just like everything else we do, my son isn’t left out. While he goes to the YMCA mainly to play on the computers, he does run and walk a few laps around the track with us as a family.

It’s nice being inspired, but even better to inspire others. Another woman, intrigued by Wonder Woman’s workout, decided to join us. We worked out together and talked. As a woman, one of my greatest joys is to empower other women.

Speaking of woman empowerment. Thursday I started taking a tribal dance class. I’m not very good yet, but I could feel the feminine energy flowing through the room. It was invigorating and inspiring.

Channeling this character will be fun. Figured I’d start on the outside. Won’t be able to channel her internally until I get the full script.

Stay tuned.


Don’t Wait: Make it Happen


We’ve all got a calling: something we feel compelled to do: sing, act, paint, write.

I’m compelled to write, act, dance, sew, draw, play instruments, and save the world.

Of all those things, I’d say my strongest callings have always been to write and act. I started writing before I could read (if that makes sense) and I started acting in High school, taking every theatre class offered at my school and auditioning for every play. Of course, I played elaborate games of pretend with  my sister long before that.

After school I thought I’d become a writer and eventually get back into acting, starting with college/community theatre.

I got busy and hit a major writing wall, so I didn’t do much acting or writing for five years.

That was a bad time. I was depressed and lost … I wasn’t me. I was restless. Restlessness is what you feel when you aren’t answering your calling.

Recently I saw a video where Peter Dinklage offers some great advice to his fans: “Don’t wait.”

I am a true believer in learning from others: their advice and their mistakes and successes. This might be some of the best advice I’ve heard from someone who obtained their dream. There is no right time. You just have to go out there and make it happen.

One of my greatest lessons came from my mom. Sadly, she was not encouraging of big dreams. She didn’t take many risk or chances. My mother’s illness and her death inspired me to go after my dreams before it is too late. While I like to think that my mom was 100% satisfied with her life, I know she had unfulfilled dreams like seeing the ocean. How hard would that have been to make happen?

My goals might be a little more of a challenge: publish and act–not in theatre–on the small or big screen.

At 30, I feared it was too late for either, but in his speech, Peter says that he left a job at 29 to pursue acting. So it’s never too late.

While I can’t just quit my job and take off, my first break is just around the corner. A friend of mine told me about auditions for a film. I auditioned with my sister and we both landed rolls.

I can’t give away too much yet. It’s very early in the works, but I can say we are starting filming very soon. It’s a sci-fi/fantasy film. There are several B listed actors in it–one of which my son is a huge fan. It will be playing in roughly 150 theaters.


First picture of some of the cast. Sorry no costume pics until we start promoting

Now before I get too excited, I’m not saying this film is going to make me red-carpet famous, but it is helping me answer my inner calling. Community theater just didn’t do it for me. But this is the whole experience: green screen, costume, hair and makeup, the whole thing.

I’m one of those people who can’t watch the behind the scenes special features without getting jealous. I’d love to be a part of the film-making process, and this will give me a chance.

The part I’m most excited about is my character. I’m going to be a General. After watching Star Wars and Wonder Woman and seeing my childhood princesses become Generals, I feel honored that this is my first role. I’ve always wanted to be a woman warrior like Lagertha, Antiope, or Xena. Here’s my chance.


This film could lead to a lot of important networking opportunities as well as future rolls.

As far as writing, I’m still working on book one, but I feel like it finally has direction.

I really feel like this is the defining year of my life. If you haven’t seen it already, go watch Peter Dinklage’s speech.