Give Me Energy or Give me Death



someecards.comI’ve grown tired of searching for ways to stay awake, which has led me to debate whether or not to try energy drinks. Not for the flavor factor as I’ve been told they taste medicinal like Dimetapp. I’m interested in the promise of long-lasting energy. 5-hour energy holds a lot of appeal because of the name. Considering most days I have about 1 hour of energy (three on a good day) an extra five would be great. I’m hoping it’s like the Mucinex of energy drinks: powerful and fast acting. My coworker brought some to work today. She warned me to be careful drinking them. From what I’ve heard, energy drinks are addicting and can make your heart explode.

My lack of energy outweighed my concerns for an atrial eruption. Besides, I’ve never been one to pass down freebies. I drank half a bottle to see if it could keep me awake while I worked. I figure if it keeps me awake at work, it can keep me awake to write. Coffee and soda just aren’t doing it. My coworker doesn’t know how I can drink three cups of coffee and a soda and still drop dead of exhaustion. To be honest, my problem has always been staying awake, not falling asleep. I’m always tired. Thyroid issues and irregular heart beats run in the family, so I thought that could be it. Three appointments and a week of being hooked up to a heart monitor later, I was told I have a fast heart rate, but no thyroid or heart issue that can be blamed for my tiredness. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to be healthy, but I can’t figure out why I’m tired. So I just have to figure out how to stay awake.

Which brings me to energy drinks. So I drank one and I’m not noticing any difference. Mountain dew you can feel in your veins. This didn’t do much. I did the shaky hand test, but I can still hold pens and write legibly. My legs aren’t even twitchy; in fact my whole body is perfectly content to sit still, if not more still than usual. I’ve been more jittery in my sleep. I will give it credit for one thing, it tasted more like coolaid than medicine. I was just really hoping it would wake me up so I’d have something to jump start myself before writing.

I’ll try a couple more brands before giving up and hopefully I’ll meet my expectations of typing furiously into the late/early hours.