My Favorite Things Blog Tour


mft-blog-tourThis is my first blog tour, The Favorite Things Blog Tour, which happens to be hosted by my sister. Check out her awesome blog as well as past participants of the tour here.

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The purpose of this tour is to share our favorite characters, scenes, and quotes from our own books. It’s now my turn to share with you my favorite things. Not going to lie, I’m a little nervous–nervous being an understatment. I don’t usually discuss my writing with others, so this will be really good practice for me.

I’m in the pre-publishing stage of my current work in progress, which is a fancy way of saying I’m not done yet. It’s a three-part fantasy series. I hesitate to call it a trilogy because it really consist of the main book, a sequel, and a prequel, not three in order.


The synopsis, like the novel, is still a work in progress, but here goes.

What is the worth of one life? Bronwyn risk his status, his home, his very life to protect a human child–a decision that thrusts him on the border of a clash between humans and elves. To side with his people is to instigate a war they cannot win, but to side against them is to betray his lord and turn on his city.

Favorite Character

This was the hardest question to answer, especially for someone like me who has what I call chronic indecisive disorder. I have a hard enough time choosing what to get from McDonald’s limited menu let alone choosing one of my darlings. I love them all really, especially the elves. If I have to pick one, just one, like a Pokemon or something, I choose Gailodyn. Originally a supernumerary character, whose main function was to give other characters someone to interact with, he quickly became a major supporting character.

To give you a little context, he’s a character from the sequel, not book one, though he might make a cameo appearence in the first book. You’ll have to read both books if you want to get to know him better. He’s pretty much Bronwyn’s right hand man, his main supporter, and his biggest fan–but it doesn’t start off that way.

If I had to describe him using his own words, he considers himself to be very dutiful, trustworthy, principled, and steadfast. He’s really not as collected as all that. He would forget to mention, or fail to realize, that he’s overly stubborn, inconsistant, freewheeling, a little unconstrained, and very single-minded.

Favorite Scene

My favorite scene was also hard to choose because I haven’t written them all yet. The scene I picked, I’d love to share, but I haven’t written it yet, so it’s not ready to read, but I’ll try my best to describe it.


It’s not ready for reading

To sumarize, Bronwyn and Ashby (human boy he rescues) are travelling through the passages of a cave when they find a tree that has grown in a cavern. Though the tree gets all it needs: sun and rain from the hole in the cave ceiling, the tree is a symbol of loneliness and isolation because it is existing separate from its own kind in an unnatural environment. A tree among rocks: a human among elves. It’s very symbolic. Can’t wait to finish this scene.

Favorite Quote

I don’t have a favorite quote yet. Again, it’s not finished, so for now I chose a very simple quote that I think makes a statement about conformity and my main character.

“Whatever broke inside bronwyn left the outside untouched.”

This shows how face value, Bronwyn is everything his people are supposed to be, but his incongruities exist underneath the surface though they are revealed through his actions. Throughout the book, he struggles whether to conform or go against his people’s beliefs.

There you have it, some of my favorite things. I want to thank my sister for inviting me to participate in her blog tour. Please check out the other writers and their favorite things.