Losing a Legend


a_610x408I just heard that writer Tom Clancy has passed. While I haven’t read any of his books, it goes without saying that millions of readers worldwide are saddened by the loss of this literary figure whose books were so popular many were bestsellers, inspiring blockbuster hits and video games.

 At 66 he was still a writer. I wonder did he have any unfinished works, any characters that died with him? Command Authority is his last book on record and is due to be published in December. But was this his last project?

 If I died today, it would not just be my death, it would be the death of all of my characters. After all, our stories live inside of us. If something happens to us, those stories are never told.

In honor of Tom Clancy’s passing, I will be visiting my library to pick up a copy of one of his books. I am interested in recommendations. It doesn’t have to be his bestselling, or even a bestseller.