Getting into Character


Between firing/hiring a new team member at my work, writing, cosplay, and my son’s surgeries, I haven’t had that much time to go to the gym. I’ve got to make time now so I can turn my body into a warrior bod for the film.

Watching Wonder Woman really inspired me to take my workout to a whole new level. I even do Gal Gadot’s workout on Wednesday (Wonder Woman Wednesday). Feel free to try it yourself. Get on a rowing machine followed by bear crawls, crab walks, burpees (lots of burpees), dead lifts, pull ups, and a bunch of other barbell stuff I don’t remember the proper names.

Getting into character with me is my sister. Since we are both in the same film, we are going for a similar look, which means identical diets, identical workouts. Just like everything else we do, my son isn’t left out. While he goes to the YMCA mainly to play on the computers, he does run and walk a few laps around the track with us as a family.

It’s nice being inspired, but even better to inspire others. Another woman, intrigued by Wonder Woman’s workout, decided to join us. We worked out together and talked. As a woman, one of my greatest joys is to empower other women.

Speaking of woman empowerment. Thursday I started taking a tribal dance class. I’m not very good yet, but I could feel the feminine energy flowing through the room. It was invigorating and inspiring.

Channeling this character will be fun. Figured I’d start on the outside. Won’t be able to channel her internally until I get the full script.

Stay tuned.


4 thoughts on “Getting into Character

  1. This is fantastic. How is the WW workout different from your normal? Harder? Do you feel it more the day after? Is it sustainable, or is it more of a full time movie workout? [I’m thinking of the actor playing Thor– he spent a lot of time in the gym to get that muscular, and everything was set up for him. Us lesser mortals have to plan/make our own meals and find time for workouts around unimportant things like working.]

    • I’d love to have his life. I bet he didn’t have to work in to get on any machines either. The Wonder Woman workout is Gal Gadot’s workout regime for her role. I imagine she had several, but this is the one I found. I actually think it is a lot of fun, and since doing it, I’ve modified it to include more free weights and squats.

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