Life Has a Sick Sense of Humor and Why I Write Comic Fantasy


Just wanted to share this, because, like so many other things (face included), my sister shares my thoughts and feelings on writing and life.

Kylie Betzner

imagesCA0LCJJ7 Sometimes, the universe just points its finger at you and says, “ha ha!”

It’s no secret, life is hard, and sometimes it seems as though the cosmos is laughing at our struggles. I, personally, feel like I’ve become the butt of some cosmic joke. My mom was recently diagnosed with cancer, and the prognosis isn’t good at all. To say life’s been hard is an understatement. Not to mention my sister and I are still settling in to our new home situation. Then there’s the craziness at work, not to mention my novel’s impending deadline . . . it’s enough to send me over the deep end!

Several of my writing friends have suggested I hold off my novel’s debut, which is probably good advice, but writing seems to be the only thing keeping me sane right now, that and a bottle of roscato. Haha! Writing provides a means of…

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