What Do I Write?


Looking back at my archives, I think it’s clear what my blog is about: Writing, of course. But is it important for my followers to know what I write? I’m curious to hear from you. Based on the overall look of my blog, what genre do you think I write? Please take the survey below. Also comments are welcome. Do you think the genre should be incorporated into the theme of the blog?


5 thoughts on “What Do I Write?

  1. Interesting post. From looking at your posts in August and July, I wouldn’t choose any of the above choices. Instead, I would categorize your writing as: motivational, informational on writing and non-fiction. I like very much your blog. 🙂

    • I’ll take that as a complement. I get the same feeling when I check out your blog. It seems like you write about things that really matter to you, which is what we should write about. I hadn’t thought about how I would give away the answer to my poll. I guess I can include that in my next post.

  2. Should the genre be incorporated into the blog theme? That’s an interesting question. My blog has pictures of castles, but that wouldn’t tell you what genre I write in. Reading my blog would make it pretty obvious, though. Your blog theme doesn’t give away your genre. It seems more of a literary style to me. I only know what you write because I read it in one of your previous posts. Your Goodreads list might give a clue. But should your blog match your genre? Hmmm… I’ll have to think about that one. Thanks for posing the question.

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