Negativity Not Welcome


For the last year I’ve had two major projects: writing my novel and removing negativity from my life. It’s no coincidence that these two goals coincide. Negative influences were coming at me from all angles: home, work, the environment, even myself. I’ve spent the last year actively reducing negative objects, habits, people, and thoughts from my life to increase positivity and productivity. It wasn’t surprising that a lot of negativity was leaking into my life from social networks like Facebook and WordPress.

1a1e678327a3a9dee22c8316c6f695a3fdbc7c3532ac5a9cb56543ee860d30bb As much as I’d love to just get rid of Facebook, I need it to keep in touch with relatives and friends who are far away, so I reduce the time I spend on it and utilize the “hide” option. This reduces the stress from negative, religious, or political post that seem to come through the feed on a daily–even hourly–basis. I also stopped following people who have been a consistent cause of stress.

Tackling my paper trail to remove negative clutter took days. My WordPress purge took a minute; I only removed two people, but I stopped following both of them for the same reason. It wasn’t because I got tired of seeing pictures of their cats and kids, or because they’d all but turned their writing platform into a baking blog with their cupcake recipes. Although I don’t encourage the latter, I unfollowed these blogs due to negative content.

One of these bloggers I initially started following because his post were humorous and fun. His post stopped being fun or even funny about five post ago when I noticed all he does is insult other bloggers and writers. Why would someone who uses a blog as a platform for writing spend so much time insulting fellow writers and potential readers? If he wrote a book, I wouldn’t buy it simply because he’s a boastful and pompous narcissist. I think it’s ironic and a tad hypocritical that he spent an entire post criticizing the content that other bloggers write about when all he writes are rants. How is that quality content? Author interviews, book reviews, writing tips, and GoodReads list risk being boring, but I’ll read them any day over a negative, self-righteous rant.

Why was I following him anyway? I have estranged relatives. If I don’t allow just anyone in my personal life, why am I allowing them in my social networks. His posts weren’t helpful, informative, or even fun anymore. If anything, all I got out of reading his last post was a bad mood. I actually dreaded seeing him appear in my feed. Just like my mile-high paper trail, French fries, and bad memories, I just had to …


Free from negativity!

Maybe he’s a negative person. We’re all inclined to be due to our brain’s built in negativity bias, which makes us more susceptible to negative feelings. But despite being negatively hard-wired, I’m a positive person. Whether I lose 20 dollars or a loved one, I know life comes with pain and let downs, and you just have to look on the bright side.

To wrap this up, I just wanted to thank those of you who write positive, informative, and helpful content. I will continue to follow you, and hope you continue to follow me. Thanks to you I now look forward to reading my feed again.

I may not have as many followers as the other guy, but I’ve earned and will continue earning my followers with positive, helpful content. In case you are wanting to connect with other positive people, please check out these blogs that I follow. I’m sorry if I forget anyone. These are just a few notables who appear regularly in my feed.

Out of the well

Cate Russell-Cole

Jean Cogdell

Kristen Lamb

David Ben-Ami

Kylie Betzner

Mishka Jenkins

Ellen Brock

I want to hear from you. Who are the individuals you follow who give you a constant source of inspiration?


11 thoughts on “Negativity Not Welcome

  1. Jessica Jean Francois

    I’m also writing about three novels at the same time. I really needed your post. Writing is stressful and what you did was genius, Thank you. 🙂

    • Thank you, and thank you for visiting my blog. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. With so much stress in our lives, we have to find ways to minimize it. Social media is an easy place to block negative outlets. I’ve made a lot of drastic changes in my life to reduce negative influences, even moved. I’m not ashamed to say that if people (family or friends) aren’t a positive influence I completely cut ties. My life is short, and I want to spend most of it happy. Good luck with your novels : )

      • Jessica Jean Francois

        You’re welcome. It’s true what you say about family. My mother’s a negative influence on me, but I can’t move for two year because of financial problems. After these next two years, I don’t think I’m ever coming back.
        And thank you for following me, it means a lot. 🙂

  2. As someone who has also been on a lengthy ‘negativity purge’ . . . I understand how difficult it is.
    I’m a naturally negative person (like to call it ‘realistic,’ but no one seems to agree with that self-assessment) and I don’t believe that allowing people to make anything worse in your life for absolutely no reason is beneficial to you in any way. Sure, people get unhappy about that sometimes (which causes MORE negativity for a while and in my opinion is only proof of the necessity), but that stops eventually (for the most part). I think it’s worth it, no matter the difficulties. And honestly . . . I’ve felt a lot better since realizing that it’s okay to think about my own wellbeing sometimes.
    I would’ve deleted Facebook long ago if I didn’t need it for work stuff. Networking and the like. It really feels like a cesspool of BAD. I’ve been glad to like more author pages and at least get a bit of positivity on my news feed.
    If you have a page up, send me a link if you want. If you don’t now and make one later, feel free to send me one then.
    Good luck with that novel!

  3. Shery Alexander Heinis

    Hello – Thank you for visiting my blog and “liking” my poem. This is such a thoughtful and inspiring post. Yes, negativity is so draining and not always easy to pluck out of our lives. But you’re certainly on the right track to weeding it out of your life 🙂

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