Risque Research


google-searches-scotlandYou know you’ve done enough research for your novel when your browsing history would make your mother blush, raise the hackles of your spouse, and earn you a knock on the door from the DHS or FBI.

Personally my browsing history makes it look like I’m part of a cult or stashing a body or performing strange sexual rituals.

If you’re an author, you’ve had to research some crazy stuff, I guarantee it. Your search results might include answers to questions such as: What does human flesh taste like? Can you eat condoms? How to kill people with a pencil. These are not my actual searches. I can only imagine a novel that required all three of those questions to be answered . . . could be a good read, not one to take to bed, though.

I write fantasy, which does not mean I get to just make stuff up. Fantasy is an exciting genre, but sometimes you have to research some pretty boring topics like animals that live in mountains, plants that grow in shade, how people kept track of time in the middle ages, and how to start a fire without a match (the latter led me to an interesting video on how to start a fire with doritos).

Now for the more interesting search topics. I’ve researched how to poison arrows, blood rituals, how to ride a horse (I’ve only ridden once), how far Tasmanian devils can smell blood (don’t ask), and how to hunt and skin a deer. I’m a Pescatarian, so the latter is something I will never do, but I guess that knowledge could come in handy . . . never.

From the tedious, to the titillating, I want to hear from you. What is the strangest thing you’ve had to research? Oh, and in case you were wondering . . . the best place to find where to hide a body is on page two of Google.

7 thoughts on “Risque Research

  1. How to start a fire with Doritos — now that would be interesting to see. I haven’t had to research anything quite so strange as that. Thank you for following my blog! I’m looking forward to reading more of yours.

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