A Writing Freeze


This sums up my writing efforts this month

Living in the Northern hemisphere has its perks, one of which is changing seasons, which is also one of the downfalls especially when the seasons seem to change within seasons. We had a 60 degree day and a 15 degree day back to back. Even though spring is next week, the winter season is still going strong, which means so is cold and flu season. I tried to avoid getting sick by drinking tea and Emergen-C, taking multi vitamins, and eating soup and oatmeal regularly, but sometimes I think lightning is going to strike you no matter what.

When I get sick, I commit to it. I’ve been fighting a cough and cold for at least a month. I blame it on the bad weather. I have no energy to get up, work, stand, even watch tv. Needless to say, I have no energy to write. This cold has all but put a freeze on my writing. Writing requires focus, and my brain is so foggy, I feel like I need to defrost it before I can think.


Hot and Cold together are too Intense. Sorry, Olaf

Despite being sick I have tried to maintain my writing and my blogs. I consider it a good day if I turn on my laptop, a great day if I manage to open a writing document. Most days my laptop sits closed in front of me while I try to muster the energy to hit the power button or while I try to figure out how I can type while wearing gloves and cocooned in blankets.

Looking back, I should have been trying to find the hours of the day where I was the most productive or finding a balance between rest and work, but my habit when I’m sick is usually to either do less than nothing or overwork myself.

While I wait for this cold to run its course, I’ll just keep repeating my mantra: Spring is coming…


7 thoughts on “A Writing Freeze

  1. I hate writing when I’m sick. My muse refuses to get near me (she must think I’m contagious) and my energy completely disappears. Usually, I’m driven. Not when sick. Hope you feel better.

  2. smwright

    Ugh, know what you mean, this back and forth weather has been killing my sinuses and ambitions. Just grateful an end is near.

    • I know, right? Of course it’s spring in Indiana so we’ll have days like today where we have snow and rain. It’s not quite spring and it’s not quite winter. I’m going to call it Sprinter.

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