My Writer’s Christmas List

  1. Peace on Earth (so it will be quiet enough for me to write)
  2.  Time to write
  3.  Wine, coffee, soda, and tea (because I haven’t figured out which is my favorite writing beverage)
  4.  A writing book (not a “how to write” book, but a book that writes it for you)
  5.  A paid Pandora membership (because commercials just aren’t that inspiring to write to)
  6.  Pretty notebooks and pens to write with (though I will probably continue to write with my laptop, but the notebooks will make me look more like a writer)
  7. Money (in case I never become a successful author)
  8. food (preferably hands free so I can eat and write. Something in a pill or shake variety would be great)
  9. Energy (sleep just isn’t doing it for me)

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