The Sticker Says it Best


So this week I had a bad case of Mondayitis (for which there is no medication). When your first item of business is wake up ten minutes early, you know how the rest of your day will go. I got my son to school late and arrived at work barely on time. I had to schedule a much procrastinated car repair, which turns out will cost me two paychecks. Thus ends my personal business and my work day actually starts. Insert eight hours of stressful, mind-numbing work. My work day does not end with work. No, after getting a ride to pick up my car and then picking up my son, I finally get to go home where … I need to do dishes, feed the cats, clean something—everything.

 DuIMG_4223ring my lunch break—the only break I had that day, mind you, I was with my sister when we drove past a Jeep. The bumper sticker said, “I’d rather be writing.”  We had just been talking about work goals and our car and house repairs and how it all cuts into writing time. While I was working and dealing with auto repair people, all I could think was how much I wanted to write. You don’t see a lot of bumper stickers about writing (mostly support the troops and I love my [insert dog breed]). Here was someone who felt my pain and frustration so much, in fact, that they had to slap it on their car for the world to see.

I just wanted to share this bumper sticker in a way that did not involve peeling it off their car.

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